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Commercial Floor Scrubber

Outan commercial floor scrubbers are the perfect investment for your floor maintenance program. Not only do they increase worker productivity, our commercial floor scrubber also reduce labor costs, help reduce the risk of slips and falls, and keep your floor surfaces looking clean and tidy. With our wide range of compact and medium walk-behind scrubbers and our stand-up and ride-on floor scrubbers, you're sure to find the right tool for your job.

Which commercial floor scrubber is right for me?

When it comes to cleaning, nothing is too big or too small for an Outan scrubber. Our floor cleaners are available in different sizes and with multiple configuration options to suit a variety of applications. Plus, our specially developed accessories can help you do more than just clean. Click the links below to learn more about each of our floor scrubber categories and to find equipment that meets your unique cleaning challenges.

Walk-behind floor scrubber

Walk-behind floor scrubbers are the most diverse of the scrubber range. These innovative floor scrubbers are ideal for efficiently cleaning medium.

Vertical Scrubber
Compared to walk-behind machines, our vertical scrubbers increase productivity by 50%. Whatever your cleaning needs, we have a vertical scrubber for the job.

Ride-on Floor Scrubber
Ride-on scrubbers provide maximum cleaning power and comfort. These sturdy machines are designed for industrial use.

How exactly do commercial floor scrubber work?

All modern scrubbers with drum or disc brush heads basically work the same way. The cleaning solution is mixed in the fresh water tank when the cleaning agent is added, or in the case of an automatic metering system, just in front of the brush head itself. The rotation and contact pressure of the brush work together to remove dirt. Due to the suction of the turbine, the dirty water is then absorbed by the squeegee and collected in the dirty water tank. Scrubbers, on the other hand, do not have turbines or scrapers. That's why loose dirt is collected by wet and dry vacuums.

Not all scrubbers are the same.
Scrubbers are like cars - they work basically the same way, but not every model is suitable for every application. However, due to different designs, sizes, brush head systems and drive technologies, it is easy to find a machine that meets your unique requirements. You know how big your surfaces are and if they are full of objects, and you are familiar with the structure of your floors and how soiled they are. With dozens of scrubber models available, Outan can help you find the one that fits your needs.

Scrubber with or without integrated traction drive?

Comfort, weight and user-friendliness are key factors in deciding whether a machine should be equipped with an integrated traction drive. Light duty commercial floor scrubber with tank capacities up to approximately 13 gallons can be easily operated without a traction drive. We recommend using the integrated traction drive on the larger model, as it is impossible to operate a machine of this size for extended periods of time with your own body weight without getting tired.

Floor cleaners without traction motors use the rotation of the brush to propel the machine forward. The operator effort for this is kept to a minimum.

On the other hand, the active and adjustable traction motor on floor cleaners with traction drive moves the machine forward, allowing long runs without fatigue.

Custom Commercial Floor Scrubber For You

Equipped with suitable accessories, floor cleaners can also be used for special applications such as crystallization or decoating. We also offer a wide range of replacement parts including pads, discs and brushes, suction lips, squeegees, batteries and battery chargers to equip your machine with precise cleaning requirements. Outan makes it easy to customize our scrubbers to meet your exact needs.

The right cleaner for your scrubber

No matter the type of floor, floor cleaner or level of dirt, Outan has a wide range of cleaners to perfectly meet your every requirement. Not only is it economical to use, it is very effective against all kinds of dirt, but it is also environmentally friendly and mild enough to meet the latest research standards.

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