5 Main Types of Industrial Cleaning Equipment

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5 Main Types of Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Apr. 12, 2022

5 Main Types of Industrial Cleaning Equipment


Need cleaning equipment for your business but don’t know what to get? Over the last 25 years we’ve found these machines to be the most popular and effective to use for your business. Below we summarise each cleaning machine and discuss why these machines are so popular!



A steam cleaner provides a deep clean, removing dirt and stains whilst also killing mould and germs on multiple surfaces achieving a hygienic finish. This is achieved from very high-temperature water vapour in the form of steam. A steam cleaner can be hazardous due to high temperatures. Steam dries quickly due to the high temperatures which help prevent potential slipping hazards. Powerful steam cleaners are a great tool for cleaning a wide variety of applications, especially where grease and bacteria are a problem, such as kitchens, care homes, hospitals and more.



Scrubber dryers are an automatic way of washing and drying a floor. There are a wide variety of different types and sizes, from small battery models to large ride-on diesel engine models. Different pads and brushes can be fitted to the machines to achieve the desired finish on a range of different floor types. Keeping the clean and dirty water separate in 2 different tanks, ensures the highest levels of hygiene over conventional methods such as a mop and bucket.



A sweeper quietly sweeps and collects debris and dust along the floor to leave a polished finish. This is achieved by spinning brushes, with pressure, not water, against the surface to efficiently sweep off dirt and debris. There is a range of different sweepers available such as indoor and outdoor types, from push-along to ride on.



A carpet cleaner quickly removes stains, dirt, and allergens from deep within the carpet. This is achieved by injecting water and solution with pressure into the carpet whilst on some models also scrubbing with brushes to loosen the stains/dirt. The carpet cleaner finishes with a vacuum sucking up and removing all the dirt and stains, leaving it almost completely dry.



The pressure washer produces a high-pressure spray of water to effectively and quickly remove mould, dirt, dust, mud, and loosen stains and paints. It is a very common appliance within industries and at home. It consists of different nozzles to determine how wide and how much pressure you need to clean your target. 

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