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Scrubber Dryer vs. Sweeper

Apr. 22, 2022

Scrubber Dryer vs. Sweeper


Sweepers and scrubber dryers are both floor cleaners, however, they operate differently. Understanding the differences is important to ensure you are purchasing or hiring the correct product that suits your needs.


What is a scrubber dryer?

A scrubber dryer (also known as a floor scrubber) scrubs dirt off the floor and dries it. These machines range in size from walk-behind to ride-on. A floor scrubber contains at least one scrubbing brush that rotates in an efficient form against the floor surface. Its function is to detach the dirt away from the floor with the help of a solution and it vacuums the dirt up at the same time leaving a clean and dry result.


Advantages of floor scrubbers:

Scrubber dryers are more hygienic and efficient than manual floor cleaning equipment. In some scenarios manual equipment is best, however, in big industrial places, scrubber dryers may be the better option. A traditional mop and bucket can spread dirt and pathogens across the floor instead of cleaning it up since the mop is continuously being soaked in dirty water when in use, leaving a wet floor causing a hazard. On the other hand, within a much faster time, the scrubber dryer can soak, remove dirt, and dry the floor all at the same time.

There is a range of hard floors where this machine ranks best. One of the most distinctive reasons is where there is a need to leave a dry finish. These results save injuries, and hazards, and boost safety within the work environment. In some situations, a wet floor cannot be used until dried, affecting valuable time. A scrubber dryer can be used as a great sidekick to dry up wet floors such as in industries where the walls and machines need to be cleaned by pressure washers, creating a hazardous wet floor.

Many advanced scrubber dryers are eco-friendly. Due to the advancement of scrubber dryers, the amount of water and chemicals are being controlled and monitored by the operator. This increases awareness of how intense or light cleaning is required. An operator can provide how much solution and water are needed instead of using the same old cleaning solution on almost every occasion.  This influences the lack of waste and results in a healthier environment.


Disadvantages of scrubber dryer:

A scrubber dryer is prone to streak when the floor isn’t swept. This is due to debris under the squeegee blades and blockages with the squeegee. Examples of blockage can be due to dust and hair attaching to it. If this occurs, wipe the squeegee blade with a rag. Equipment that may be more appropriate to clear a pathway is a floor sweeper.


What is a sweeper?

Sweeper machines vary from small manual push-along sweepers to big ride-on sweepers. These depend on the floor type and sizes of the area to be cleaned. The sweepers’ function is to sweep and collect debris and dust. This is often performed before using the scrubber dryer to prevent any blockage and damage to that machine. The machine works with one or two brushes rotating to sweep up the dirt into a subsequent disposal tank.


Advantages of sweeper:

Sweepers can be used indoors or outdoors and thrive working in difficult weather such as rain or icy temperatures. These vary depending on the machine.

Sweepers are often quiet machines, especially manual and battery-powered models. Being quiet is greatly beneficial in environments such as hospitals, care homes, and universities. Sweepers prevent hazards such as tripping, slipping, or falling.

Scrubber Dryer vs. Sweeper

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