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Why Are Road Sweepers So Important?

Oct. 28, 2022

Road sweepers do a very valuable job and are a fairly common sight in the UK, removing dust and debris from our streets and keeping them clean. However, many commercial businesses are now using such vehicles for their own private roads and access roads. However, before you consider hiring a road sweeper for yourself, there are a few things you need to know.


As far as the average driver is concerned, road sweepers are in the same category as refuse collection vehicles, RCVs and tractor trailers. We all want our roads clear of rubbish and general debris, emptying bins and transporting materials.


Commuters and pedestrians may not hold them in the highest regard due to their slow speed, but sweepers are an essential mechanical component and are classified as one of the basic pieces of equipment in many local authority municipal vehicle fleets. Despite the many cuts made to local authorities, the industrial cleaning sector has not been negatively affected by this to a large extent.


Road Sweeper OTS1900


Road Sweeper OTS1900

One of the most popular models of road sweeper is the conventional model, which uses two rotating brushes at the front to remove debris and a cylindrical brush near the rear of the vehicle to deposit debris into a storage hopper. A pair of water jets underneath reduces the amount of dust and dirt emitted into the air during the procedure. In some cases, the cylindrical brushes are replaced with nozzles for more accurate cleaning.


Why are they so important?

Whether it's an ordinary day on the streets or a big event like a carnival, festival or fiesta - our roads and streets are constantly being hit by walking and vehicles - not to mention general litter. Here are some of the main benefits of road sweepers ......


They promote safety

Whether it's a small piece of glass or a shard of metal, damaged tyres are one of the most common causes of car breakdowns in the UK, not to mention being notorious for serious crashes. Although you may not realise it, removing dust and debris from roads and streets can significantly reduce the number of road accidents that occur.

Road Sweeper OTS1400G

Road Sweeper OTS1400G


Flood prevention

In extreme weather, drains on both sides of the road can become clogged with debris and soil, and this build-up can become trapped in the sewers - which then prevents run-off from entering the sewers. Flooded roads pose a threat not only to traffic, but also to the environment - especially if there are wetlands nearby. Flood-generated runoff can also be filled with a mixture of harmful chemicals that can spill onto low-lying land, damaging vegetation and wildlife.


Environmental protection

Roadside litter may contain old takeaway wrappers and food packaging that can attract wildlife. Animals cannot tell the difference between food and inorganic materials such as paper and plastic packaging, so it is likely that they too will be eaten - which is extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening.


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