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OT-A10 Stand On Floor Scrubber

Outan stand-up scrubbers increase productivity by up to 50% compared to hand-held machines. Whatever your cleaning needs, we have the right stand-up scrubber for your job.Better hygiene with the smarter Stand On Floor Scrubber. When it comes to public health, the right floor care can have a major impact. Catch up on industry best practices and get a quick guide to implementing them in your cleanin

Product Description

Stand On Floor Scrubber

The OT-A10 is a unique ride-on scrubber that requires you to stand in order to operate. the A10 is designed to provide superior cleaning performance by offering flexibility, extreme manoeuvrability and a compact solution for small to medium sized areas. Compared to other bulky floor scrubbers, this standing model makes it easy to control the unit while maintaining a small footprint. For simple operation, all scrubbing parameters such as brush pressure, detergent flow, pressure, solution flow and vacuum are controlled by a single button and are clearly displayed on the easy to read LCD graphic display.

The OT-A10 is also available with optional technology that enables a random selection of orbital scrubbing techniques for deeper, more even scrubbing, thus leaving a perfect scrubbing surface without swirl marks while using less water and chemicals. This machine is capable of handling many types of floor care jobs. The low flow rate also minimises chemical and water waste, but also reduces the time spent pouring and refilling. To save even more time, you can increase the downward pressure from 51 lbs to 75 lbs for a single clean for efficient cleaning results. Water, detergent and energy consumption can be effectively controlled, resulting in real savings without compromising performance. Easily switch between pure water cleaning and weak or strong cleaning at the touch of a button, allowing you to match your cleaning performance to the roughness of your floor. These machines can even provide "bursts of power" for extra cleaning performance and can be easily reverted to the original settings to minimise the use of water, detergents and electricity.

Stand On Floor Scrubber FEATURES

Clean faster and longer with class-leading productivity in excess of 30,000 sq ft (2,795 sq m) per hour.
Ensure consistent cleaning results and reduce reliance on operator settings for different cleaning conditions.
The risk of fall accidents is reduced and soil is removed from the floor with an optimized squeeze design and recovery system.
Ensure operator comfort and control with ergonomic design designed for upright scrubbers and easy-to-use machine controls.
Reduce water usage and discharge conventional cleaners into the waste stream.

OT-A10 Stand On Floor Scrubber

Main Advantage

Reduce cleaning costs
Increase productivity with leading cleaning productivity of over 30,000 square feet (2,795 square meters) per hour.
Fast brush speed and high volume solution and recovery tank for efficient cleaning of bin filling cycles.
Maximize uptime with durable design, easily accessible machinery.
Assist operators with preventive maintenance and simplify their training with yellow maintenance touchpoints.
Use programmable zone settings to reduce operator setup time and clean more consistently.

Maintain health and safety

Protect the health and safety of your operators, customers and the environment with innovations on this ergonomically designed stand on floor scrubber.
Ensure operator comfort and control with ergonomic design for vertical machines with easy-to-use machine controls.
Use an optimized water recovery system and minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents.
Easy maintenance of wet batteries with automatic battery watering.
Efficiently perform routine maintenance with on-board tutorial videos.
Improve operator comfort by managing machine speed with speed dials on the console.
Easily remove and maintain cleaning pads and brushes with the magnetic cleaning head.

Improve the image of the facility

Continuously clean a variety of hard floor surfaces, even in obstructed spaces, with an efficient and operable upright scrubber.
Use programmable zone settings to ensure consistent results and reduce reliance on operator settings for different surfaces and zones.
Combining daytime cleaning with silent mode operation reduces machine noise levels to 59.7 dBA.
Cleans a variety of floor surfaces, including textured and grout floors, with excellent down pressure and a wide selection of cleaning pads and brushes.
Minimize secondary cleaning operations on harder soils such as heavy oil by using on-demand dispensing detergent.

Application and Characteristics:

It can be widely used in supermarkets, factory workshop subway stations, schools, hospital, warehouses and other places. This machine adopt advanced silent motor, with super suction, low noise, stable performance, energy saving and high working efficiency. By now, we have exported many countries.

Technical parameter:

Model: OT-A10 stand on floor scrubber


Cleaning Path



Squeegee Width



Brush diameter



Solution /recovery tank



Drive motor



Vacuum motor



Brush motor



Working speed






Working hours



Battery volume



Self weight



Dimension (MM)


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OT-A10 Floor ScrubberOT-A10 Floor ScrubberOT-A10 Floor Scrubber
OT-A10 Floor Scrubber


Q: Which kinds of batteries can we choose?

A: Our standard configuration is Lead-acid battery, it also can use lithium battery according to customer's request.

Q: How to carry out after-sales service?

A: During the warranty period, everything is free except for wearing parts and man-made damage. First, you need to provide the bad parts; then we will be free to repair or change for you.

Q: What about your floor cleaning machine price?

A: Anytime, high quality is the primary standard of our factory, on the top quality basis, sure you will get reasonable and satisfied price!

Q: Can you send me the video to show how the floor cleaning machine work?

A: Certainly, we have made video of every machine and uploaded them by our chain address. lf you need, we will send you operation video.

Q: How long it takes for lead time?

A: For sample, 1-5 days after payment; for bulk order, 5-10 days after deposit.

Q: Is customized design acceptable ?

A: Yes, of course, we have professional engineers help design the most proper one for you.

Q: Does your company accept custom-made?

A: Yes, we accept it, OEM and ODM supported. lf you want to be our distributor or agent, let's talk more details .

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