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Road Sweeper OTS1400G

It can be widely used in public parks, factory workshop subway stations, schools, hospital, warehouses and other places. This machine adopt advanced silent motor, with super suction, low noise , stable performance, energy saving and high working efficiency. By now, we have exported many countries.

Product Description

Mini Street Sweeper

Thanks to its sweeping width of up to 55 inches, this powerful suction sweeper can cover over 12,600 square feet per hour and is backed by impressive performance ratings. The OT S1400G Mini Sweeper is one of the best cleaning solutions. This is due to the combination of effective cleaning power and complete ease of operation. You'll appreciate having an OTS1400G when you're maneuvering in city centers and in hard-to-reach areas such as sidewalks, parking lots, entryways, pedestrian areas, warehouses, gardens, and more.

narrow space? no problem. The OTS 1400G is designed to solve all the problems that a full-size sweeper cannot, thanks to its slim, lightweight profile.
Sidewalks and Curbs
bicycle lane
Parking lot
urban area
This sturdy ride-on sweeper can handle any type of waste: cans, bottles, cups, tobacco products, paper, food packaging, grass clippings, mulch, plastic bags, leaves, sand, small rocks and more.

Application place

Parking lot
Your parking lot is an extension of your business, mall, hospital, campus—you name it. Show them you care by welcoming your visitors with a clean lot from the moment they step on your property.
park maintenance
Parks are the heart and soul of a local municipality and can be the crown jewel of any vibrant community. Keeping parks clean means creating a safe environment for kids, pets, and the entire community.
bicycle lane
If a bicycle tire is attached to trash, it can easily lose traction, leading to dangerous falls and spills. Keep bike lanes clean and road users safe with sweepers designed for tight spaces.

Road Sweeper OTS1400G

Technical Parameters:



Water tank


Main brush width


Working time



Working efficiency



Battery Capacity


Sweeping width





Dust collector capacity



Driving motor



Side brush width





Side brush motor


Product size




Mini Street Sweeper AccessoriesMini Street Sweeper advantageRoad Sweeper OTS1400G

Applicable Ground:


Applicable Ground


1. Q: Can you help to ship goods to our destination directly?

A: Yes, we provide FOB price normally, if you need. please tell your discharge port, we will find an economic way to do CIF price for you.

2. Q: If your machines are battery type? How 1long of the batteries' lifetime?

A: Yes, it's rechargeable battey, lifetime is about 3 years.

3. Q: Your floor sweeper can clean the heavy dust on the cement floor?

A: Yes, it can clean the heavy dust, leaf cigarette, stone, scraps of paper on different grounds.

4. Q: Can you print our brand or other colors?

A: Yes, OEM & ODM can be accepted. We can print your brand based on your letter of authorization.

5. Q: Do you have Demo Video for your machine?

A: Certainly. we have made video of every machine and uploaded them by our chain address.

6. Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: 5-10 days for samples, 15-35 days for bulk order.

7. Q: What about the warranty for this machine? Can you send me the spare parts price?

A: One year except for wearing parts. Spare parts are separately purchased. we will send you the price together with the machine quotation.

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