Stand Up Floor Scrubber- OT-A7 Floor Scrubber

Stand Up Floor Scrubber


Clean faster and longer with class-leading productivity of over 30,000 sq. ft. (2,795 sq. m.) per hour
Ensures consistent cleaning results and reduces dependence on operator settings for varying cleaning conditions
Reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents and ensure soil is removed from the floor with an optimized suction pickup design and recovery system.
Ensure operator comfort and control with ergonomic design designed for upright scrubbers and easy-to-use machine controls.

Main Advantages

Lower cleaning costs
Increase productivity with leading cleaning productivity of over 30,000 square feet (2,795 square meters) per hour.
Efficient cleaning with fewer dump-fill cycles with optimal downforce, fast brush speeds and high capacity solution and recovery tanks.
Maximize uptime with durable design, easy-to-access mechanics, and parts and supplies
Assist operators with preventive maintenance and simplify their training with yellow maintenance touch points.
Choose the option with onboard maintenance videos to simplify training and get the best results.
Use programmable zone settings to reduce operator setup time and clean more consistently.

Maintaining Health and Safety
Protect the health and safety of your operators, customers and the environment with this ergonomically designed Tannen innovation on a vertical machine.
Ensure operator comfort and control with ergonomic design and easy-to-use machine controls for vertical machines.
Minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents with an optimized water recovery system.
Easily maintain wet batteries with automatic battery fill.
Perform routine maintenance efficiently with on-board tutorial videos.
Manage machine speed and improve operator comfort with speed dials on the console.
Easily remove and maintain cleaning pads and brushes with the magnetic cleaning head.

Enhance the image of your facility
Consistently clean a variety of hard floor surfaces, even in obstructed spaces, with an efficient and maneuverable vertical scrubber.
Ensure consistent results with programmable zone settings that reduce dependence on operator settings for different surfaces and areas.
Reduces machine noise levels to 59.7 dBA with daytime cleaning.
Cleans a variety of floor surfaces, including textured and grouted floors, with excellent downforce and a wide selection of cleaning pads and brushes.
Minimizes secondary cleaning operations on tougher soils such as heavy oil by using a switch to dispense detergent on demand.

Minimizing environmental impact
Reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing cleaning performance.
Up to 70% less water can be used and detergents can be discharged into the waste stream.

Stand Up Floor Scrubber

OT-A7 Floor Scrubber

OT-A7 Floor Scrubber

It can be widely used in supermarkets, factory workshop subway stations, schools, hospital, warehouses and other places. This machine adopt advanced silent motor, with super suction, low noise, stable performance, energy saving and high working efficiency. By now, we have exported many countries.

OT-A10 Floor Scrubber

OT-A10 Stand On Floor Scrubber

Outan stand-up scrubbers increase productivity by up to 50% compared to hand-held machines. Whatever your cleaning needs, we have the right stand-up scrubber for your job.Better hygiene with the smarter Stand On Floor Scrubber. When it comes to public health, the right floor care can have a major impact. Catch up on industry best practices and get a quick guide to implementing them in your cleanin

Stand Up Floor Scrubber
Application Of Hand Push Floor Scrubber

Application Of Hand Push Floor Scrubber

The use of hand-push floor scrubbers is becoming more and more common and of higher quality. Due to its features and advantages, it is widely used by everyone.

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