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Road Sweeper is a mechanized cleaning equipment that works similar to a traditional broom to dispose of solid waste, but on a larger scale.
It is used for cleaning floors in industrial plants, warehouses, hangars, etc., as well as streets. A wide variety of sweepers are available, from fully mechanical models (without motors) for small areas to internal combustion engine street sweepers for cleaning cities. Sweepers should not be confused with scrubber dryers (not covered in this buying guide). Sweepers perform solid waste sweeping functions, while scrubber dryers use liquid detergents to perform floor cleaning functions.

Efficient and simple sweeper company

Keeping streets and parking lots clean and free of debris is a challenging task that requires specialized heavy equipment. outan's sweepers are the right machines for the job. Our trucks and mechanical brooms save time and provide reliable results for all types of services. With our extensive product line, you're sure to find the right street sweeper for your surface and cleaning applications.
At Outan, we build each sweeper to the highest quality standards, combined with our effective and simple design criteria. With ease of operation, service and maintenance in mind, we design and select each component and system to be rugged, reliable and simple, while providing the most efficient and highest sweeping performance.

We sell a line of street sweepers that can adapt to different sweeping scenarios. This is a great choice if you need to remove the various types and sizes of debris typically found on construction sites, drainage ditches and highways. They also offer a more effective alternative to other sweeper types that tend to clog when removing larger, bulkier items.
Designed to efficiently clean large amounts of bulky or heavy debris in a single pass.
Models vary in size to fit a variety of chassis sizes, but all have a high level of parts compatibility. This helps us to ensure the high level of parts availability that our customers expect.

All Starfire models are designed with unique features to make your sweeping tasks safer, easier and more cost effective.

Why make us your one-stop sweeper supplier?

At Outan, we have been providing high quality street sweeping equipment. We specialize in providing effective and simple products that have simple parts and components that make them easy to maintain and repair. You and your crew will spend less time on equipment maintenance and more time on what matters most - keeping your streets and parking lots clean.
We also make street and parking lot sweepers easy to operate. Whether the job requires cleaning airports, ports, military bases, warehouses, manufacturing properties or any other expansive area, you'll be able to maneuver the equipment with minimal effort and complete your cleaning projects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Road Sweeper

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